Vocal House 19

Vocal House 19
Come Back to Me ( House Mix )
Be What You want to Be ( Club Mix )
Forever ( Instrumental Mix )
Is this Right ( Female Vocal Mix )
Loving You ( Female House Mix )

The Netherlands (Nederland in Dutch) is known for its vibrant deep house music scene. Deep house is a subgenre of electronic dance music (EDM) characterized by its mellow and soulful sound, often featuring smooth and melodic basslines, soothing vocals, and a laid-back groove. The Dutch deep house scene has gained international recognition and is known for its talented DJs, producers, and events. Here are some key points about deep house music in Nederland:

1. Pioneering Artists:

  • Dutch artists and producers have played a significant role in pioneering the deep house genre. DJs such as Eelke Kleijn, Joris Voorn, and Olivier Weiter are known for their contributions to the deep house sound.

2. Record Labels:

  • Dutch record labels like Anjunadeep, Armada Deep, and Get Physical Music have been influential in releasing and promoting deep house tracks by Dutch and international artists.

3. International Recognition:

  • Dutch deep house artists have achieved international recognition and have performed at major festivals and clubs around the world.

4. Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE):

  • The annual Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) features a significant deep house presence, with artists and labels hosting showcases and events during the festival.

5. Ibiza Residencies:

  • Many Dutch deep house DJs hold residencies in Ibiza, one of the world’s premier destinations for electronic music. These residencies often feature extended sets in iconic Ibiza clubs.

6. Collaboration with Vocalists:

  • Deep house tracks often involve collaborations with talented vocalists who contribute to the genre’s emotive and soulful sound.

7. Deep House Festivals:

  • The Netherlands hosts deep house festivals and events where artists showcase their unique deep house styles. Events like Straf_Werk and DGTL often feature deep house stages.

8. Online Radio Shows and Podcasts:

  • Dutch deep house DJs often host online radio shows and podcasts, providing a platform to showcase their latest tracks and sets.

9. Relaxing and Chill Vibes:
– Deep house is known for its relaxing and chill vibes, making it a popular choice for both club nights and more laid-back settings.

10. Impact on Chillout Culture:
– Deep house has influenced the global chillout and lounge music culture, providing a soothing and melodic sound that’s perfect for relaxation.

The Dutch deep house scene continues to thrive, with its unique blend of melodic and soulful music attracting fans and enthusiasts both in the Netherlands and around the world. Dutch deep house artists and labels remain at the forefront of the genre, contributing to its evolution and growth.