A Carnation Is Never A Wrong Idea

Most men I know are constantly in search of the perfect ways to remind the women in their lives that they are truly important and special. And while I am so grateful that my husband, father, brothers and other men know that women need to feel special and appreciated, I have often witnessed and experienced failed attempts at being cared for. I’ve finally got my husband to understand that when in doubt, go for a carnation.

I have experienced many attempts by the men in my life of showing me that they care. Sometimes they offer to watch the children for a day and other times they offer to clean the house. These are great ideas and great attempts at showing that men care, but unfortunately, they do little to show a woman that she is special just because of who she is. Men could learn a lesson by understanding that a woman would much rather receive a gift that is just for her, such as a bouquet of carnations, or that she’d rather have time for a date with her husband than have chores done for her.

A carnation is never a wrong idea for many reasons. First, it is simple. Most women I know love simple gifts and simple ways of being cared for. You can never go wrong with a carnation or with a huge bouquet of carnations. Why? Because women love flowers and they mostly love a good carnation. You do not have to feel it necessary to buy a bouquet of the most expensive flowers in the shop, simply puchase a few simple carnations and watch the woman in your life thank you.

A carnation is a great idea for men to give women just because. Flowers are such an easy “just because” kind of gift. Don’t wait for big occasions like her birthday or Valentine’s Day to celebrate your woman with a carnation. Instead, learn to celebrate what she means to you in every day ways by bringing home a carnation or two in the middle of random week. She will feel special and thought about as you begin to make habits like this.

So men, regardless of what you have done in the past for your woman, head off to a flower shop and grab a carnation or many carnations. Attach even the shortest handwritten note and your woman will love it even more. Enjoy her, cherish her and show her that you care with a carnation.