About Designer Glasses or Sunglasses or Prescription Glasses Direct and Online

If someone says that his or her prescription eyewear materials are scratch proof, please do not believe that person. In most of the cases, this is only a marketing strategy implemented by the company or the retailer.

However, plastic lenses that have a hard coating are more resistant to scratches in comparison to regular glasses. Still it can never assure you a complete scratchproof one.

One should remember that, this coating would not prevent a deep scratch if the lenses are dropped on a hard surface, but will minimise all the small scratches that can occur in day-to-day handling, keeping your glasses clearer for longer. It all depends upon how carefully you use it.

Regular price of such hard coating glasses by High Street opticians normally ranges from £15 – £20, whereas the online dealers of glasses can offer it free of any charge.

The next inevitable question is, how the … is it possible!

How can the online dealers provide so cheap designer glasses than the regular market prices of even the branded stuffs?

Our research team found out that some of them are buying branded products directly from the respective companies whereas some are selling fake items. To add to this some of the dealers do not even have valid or existing postal presence and one can hardly trace them in person in future.

Dealers, who buy the products directly from the manufacturing companies, can provide them at less than regular market prices as they just ignore any intermediary.
Most of them buy in bulk that cuts down the price level. At the same time, the online dealers do not need (in many cases) to finance expensive high street properties to sell their sunglasses or prescription glasses.

One major problem in buying sunglasses or prescription glasses online is, not understanding the prescription details. Physicians, perhaps, never like to write for a nonprofessional to understand. Moreover, it is a common and regular occurrence that common people generally tends to stay away from understanding technical jargons.

Some websites provide pages where they explain the technical terms for a necessary and better understanding of prescriptions. This really proves handy, as one can properly understand what his or her actual requirements are, like, sphere, cyl, axis, add, frame measurement etc.

Some sites even provide the option to fax them the prescription if one is still not confident enough about his or her acquired knowledge.

The best thing in online shopping is that one can easily track current trend and upcoming styles and calculate the budget accordingly.

It is like having thousands of exclusive showrooms of prescription glasses and sunglasses, at your doorstep, dedicated especially to you.