Acne Can You Stop Acne Formation

Acne- How It Troubles Most Of Us?

Acne troubles most of us. Either when we are teenagers or when we grow up. Those who have acne on face are shy of meeting friends and those have acne on the back are shy of removing their shirt in public. Teenagers ask if acne will spoil their relationships. Acne has been taken as a way of life. We have all come to believe that cane cannot be prevented. it can be only treated once you get it. Can acne formation be stopped?

Acne- How It Forms?

Acne is associated with our sebaceous glands with hair. When the gland produces more sebum, and dead skin cells accumulate, they block the pore of the gland. This increases the pressure in the gland and forms acne. If we want to stop acne, we have to address these two main issues along with getting rid of excess P.acnes bacteria that produces inflammation.

Acne- How To Stop Its Formation?

Suppose I am prone to acne. I can surely try all the measures to control the oil. i can consult my doctor about drugs that will bring my hormones in order and not activate sebum production. I will ask my doctor about how to make my skin shed the dead skin cells regularly so that they don’t block the pores. I will try methods such microdermabrasion and AHA treatments to remove the dead skin layer. I will find out which antibacterial will take care of the P.acnes and don’t allow it to grow. The issue is that most of us never ask our doctor in detail about the prevention but are happy to clear whatever acne we get.

Please talk to your doctor in detail about you can address these three issues and prevent acne. Don’t allow it to form. Take help of science and make every effort to stop it forming.

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