Acne Know About The Latest Acne Treatments

Acne treatment is changing very fast. Research is continuing around the world to find acne treatments that can treat acne at the initial stage. At the later stage of acne growth, the chances of acne scarring become very high and therefore scientists are devoting efforts to treat acne painlessly at the beginning itself. The following are the latest treatments for acne that are being used to get clear skin.

Blue Light- P.acnes bacteria is responsible for inflammation in the sebaceous glands causing acne. Blue light of low intensity destroys this bacterium. This is a painless procedure, which normally lasts for fifteen minutes per sitting. The interval of days for each treatment may vary and will depend on your doctor. Some side effects such as swelling, dryness and pigment change may occur because of blue light. By killing the bacteria, blue light treats acne quite painlessly.

Green-yellow light and heat energy- this combination of pulses of green-yellow light and heat energy is supposed to kill the P.acnes bacteria and shrink sebaceous glands. By shrinking the glands, sebum production decreases.with reduction in sebum, acne shrinks and dries out. It is the sebaceous gland that is the place where acne forms. By shrinking it, sebum production decreases and acne formation reduces.

Diode laser- this laser can destroy the sebaceous glands. Diode laser does not harm the outer layer of the skin. This kind of treatment can be painful and can create redness that is temporary and can also produce some swelling that is also temporary. The pain of laser can be reduced with application of anesthetics on the skin during the treatment. By destroying the sebaceous glands, acne can be controlled effectively.

Microdermabrasion and chemical peeling- these treatments can be used to treat acne with other traditional therapies. Both these procedures are used to remove the dead skin, open the pores and accelerate growth of new skin. Traditionally these procedures have been used to remove scars, sun damage, fine wrinkles etc. They are now being tried to treat acne.

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