All About Depilatories

One of the easiest methods of hair removal is application of a cream or gel and wiping it off after some time to see the skin free of all unwanted hair. Depilatories are chemical based formulations that dissolve the keratin in the hair by breaking the disulfide bond. The hair weakens from the surface and can be easily wiped clean.

Depilatories are chemical based, so you will be looking for any allergic reactions. Read the instructions carefully before using the product and test it. Put a small spot and wash it off after the given time. Wait for any reaction on that spot for a day and if you see no reaction on your skin, use it. Again be careful that depilatories are formulated in different strengths. You must not use high strength products on your face without reading the instructions clearly. One advantage of depilatories is that it can remove very coarse hair without much trouble. But since the hair is removed from the skin surface and not from the hair shaft, this method is very temporary. The hair grows back in very few days.

After applying the depilatory on your skin remove it in the given time or when your skin begins stinging. As the chemical dissolves the hair, it may also be hurting the skin. Do not forget to remove the product in the given time. If you begin feeling irritation after using depilatory, ask your doctor for a prescription cream to be used before applying depilatory. Your doctor may prescribe a very low strength steroid cream for that. If you have any skin problem, it is best to consult your doctor before using depilatory. A cheap and convenient way to remove hair, depilatory is surely a friend of those who are looking for hair removal.

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