Birth Control Pills And Acne

Before you read this article, I am duty-bound to tell you that this article is for women only (though I am sure men will be curious to read it)!

To take or not to take birth control pills for controlling acne is a very sensitive topic, if not controversial! Is taking birth control pills to control acne is right for you? How does birth control pill work on acne? Can hormones in the birth control pill stop acne from forming? At least thousands of such mad trains must be rushing the mind of a woman, who is consuming the pills with the twin important purposes! Every pill creates fresh doubts, fears and complications in her thought process. Because research on this subject is still a kindergarten stuff and the fear of side-effects hang prominently in her mind.

Moral aspect of taking birth control pills is in itself a never ending debating topic. If it is intended to control acne, why it should be related to birth control pills? The alliance looks unholy. Is it considered as a cost-saving device? And if the birth control pills were to fail from the original purpose for which they are intended and acne appears on the face, who will protect the psychological balance of that women? One such bad case, is sufficient to pour cold water on the result of thousand good cases!

The skin of many acne prone women have responded positively and have indeed showed marked improvement, thanks to the intake of birth control pills. For the glow of the skin, women are likely to consider that no sacrifice, no experiment is great. What checks can be applied if such individuals start consuming birth control pills, to whom they are not intended at all! Apart from the humor element involved in these observations, over the years this problem is going to assume serious dimensions and certain tangible steps will have to be well thought out to check this.

When you take mild dose of contraceptives orally, estrogen-related side effects- headache, nausea and breast tenderness- may show their weak presence. The weight gain is also low.

So do you take birth control pills with the cure of acne in your mind? Make your decision very carefully taking into account the risk factors. Just for the greed of curing acne, why to risk your body to heart attack, cancer of the breast or blood clots? If you are a smoker, the condition will still be worse. Your present state of depression may be due to this pill-taking! Many more side effects are waiting in the wings to take over-fluid retention, dark skin patches, bleeding in the vagina, to quote a few.

So, do you want a clear mind or a clear skin? The bargain may prove too hard, that it may give rise to psychological problems. Therefore, take each pill and put each step forward, with utmost caution, firstly by preparing your mind very well.

For, this is a mind over matter topic. Therefore, CAUTION!

This time, you need to consult not only the dermatologist, but your dear gynecologist first!