Cheap essential oils

What are cheap essential oils? The word cheap in cheap essential oils has different connotations for different people. While the term will literally mean as costing less, in the real sense it means exacting the true value of the essential oil from the buyer.

Quality of essential oils is a very important feature to look for when purchasing essential oils. You purchase cheap essential oils from a local vendor not knowing that it is the result of third or fourth distillate. The quality of such a preparation will be naturally less. Essential oils are not solely purchased for the aroma and scent that they produce. Majority of the users buy it for its therapeutic values. As the quality of essential oils reduce, so does its therapeutic benefits. Nevertheless, one may have to pay a very small price for acquiring the essential oil.

Therefore, while buying an essential oil, one should not look only for the price but quality as well. Quality of essential oils will determine its price. So can we say more is the price, better is the quality. Not necessarily. In most cases, this may hold true; but not in all cases. There is no scarcity of vendors who charge a high premium on their oils. This implies that buyers may have to pay a higher price for the oil than it actually deserves.

On the other hand, are individuals who are obsessed with a low priced product. In essential oils too, they search for the cheapest bargain. Vendors, who are looking forward to disposing off their low quality oils, find soft targets in these people. What these people get is no good than common oil, with little or no therapeutic or aromatic benefits.

Therefore, in both the above cases, it is the borrower who is losing his hard-earned money. In the first case by paying a premium on correct price; and in the second by purchasing an oil which is of no worth. This results because of no regulation by any centralised agency on the price of essential oils. Almost every vendor charges a different price for his oils. How does buyer determine the correct price of essential oil in such cases? It may be difficult for a common buyer to determine the appropriate price, but not impossible.

The first thing to do when shopping for cheap essential oils will be to decide what one wants and for what purpose. If prescribed by an aromatherapist for a specific ailment, one must go about searching for that specific essential oil. Certain essential oils like lavender can be purchased over the counter and are available cheap. Alternatively, a few essential oils like sandalwood may be expensive. Even in sandalwood oil, the Indian sandalwood is preferred over the Australian sandalwood. Thus, there can be internal classifications in oils, which determine price range. Organically farmed raw materials for essential oil will also make them expensive.

Second, make a list of some reputable agencies from where one would buy the essential oil. Get a price quote from these agencies. Such agencies may quote a reasonable price of their products. This helps in getting an overview of the appropriate price for each essential oil.

Third, decide whether you want to buy essential oil from a local shop or want to get it shipped from outside. When shipping from outside, the buyer may not have the privilege of seeing the product in real until it is bought. So, how does the borrower decide as to the quality of essential oil? For this purpose, some vendors offer small samples. If on using the sample, the person finds it suitable, they can make the requisite order.

With such a systematic manner of shopping, one can be assured of getting cheap essential oils that do not compromise with the quality.