Experience the Joys of Diving This Summer

Want to do something new this summer? One great adventure you could embark on is to take a diving course. Not everywhere has good dive spots, but you’d be surprised at how common diving is. Even if you’re in a state surrounded by land, there may be lakes, basins, rivers or even flooded bunkers where you could dive.

Diving is an incredible experience. You’re underwater, surrounded by a multitude of different creatures all around you.

It’s completely different than going to an aquarium. While visiting an aquarium allows you to see the fish, it doesn’t allow you to interact with them in their natural habitat. When you dive, you truly feel like you’re part of the ocean.

==> How Much Does It Cost?

Getting your certification can cost anywhere between $400 to $800, depending on your location. This is the most expensive part of diving.

Once you’re a certified diver, you’ll be able to go on dives for as little as $40 to $100, again depending on where you are in the world.

==> What’s the Process Like?

The most important aspect of learning to dive is learning the equipment and safety.

Navigating the underwater world is quite safe once you know what you’re doing, but extremely dangerous if you don’t.

Getting your certification takes between three to five days. In the process, you’ll learn how to use all the gear, usually in either a swimming pool or in shallow water. Your instructors will teach you how to clear your glasses underwater, how to prevent yourself from getting lung injuries and how to avoid getting hurt by underwater creatures.

Upon completing the program, you’ll be a certified diver. You can dive anywhere around the world with your certification.

==> How to Find Places to Dive Near You

One way to find dive spots near you is to just head over to Google and type in “Diving” followed by your state. For example, “Diving California” or “Diving Texas.”

You can also try looking up dive shops on PADI’s website. PADI is the largest scuba diver certification organization.

Make sure to call the dive shop before showing up. Often times you need to make an appointment. Some dive shops only do dives for certified divers and don’t do certifications themselves.

==> Diving for Couples

If you’re going on a summer vacation as a couple, diving can be a magical experience.

Holding your loved one’s hand while you encounter a friendly shark or swim among glowing plankton will be a memory that you’ll both cherish forever.

While underwater, all communication must be non-verbal. Being in this space with your loved one can really deepen your bonds.

Diving is a great way to cool down and experience a wild adventure in summer, all in your own back yard.