Getting Rid Of Unwanted Hair

You can shave, pluck, wax, bleach or depilate, but the one inherent problem with unwanted hair is that is always grows back.

Laser Hair Removal, seems to be one of the only permanent solutions to removing hair in places you’d rather be without.

Laser Hair Removal has been performed since the mid 90’s or so. Even thought this procedure is fairly new, more efficient techniques are still being developed by researchers. Men and women the world over have found relief from unwanted hair via Laser Hair Removal. Women prefer to be “sans” hair in facial areas, the legs, arms, underarms and the bikini area. While men have increasingly found laser hair removal beneficial for excessive hair on the chest, shoulders and back (no more excuses for hairy backs).

Laser Hair Removal has many advantages over waxing and electrolysis, but none are as more comforting than the reduced pain factors. If you have thinker skin than you may bypass the topical anesthetic, but if you prefer not to feel any discomfort what so ever, you simply need to apply the “miracle” cream one hour before your Laser Hair Removal treatment and you can say “ciao” to pain!

Laser Hair Removal machines are well adapted to treating large surface areas, making laser treatment an excellent and more permanent alternative to conventional removal methods.

In essence, the Laser Hair Removal machine’s energy is absorbed by the pigment that gives hair its color. Red and near-infrared laser light propelled by the machine is strongly absorbed by brown or black hair, while red and blond hair absorbs very little infrared light. The energy of the absorbed laser light is released into the hair follicle, and therefore damaging or destroying the target tissue in the follicle. It’s crucial that the correct laser intensity be used for hair removal. If the intensity is too strong, the laser beam will burn your skin. You should request a patch test to see how your skin reacts to the laser before going through a full removal.

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for almost all skin coloring. That said, darker complexions should note that the a higher level of pigmented skin tends to absorb more of the red to infrared laser wavelengths, while fair skin absorbs less of these laser wavelengths. Hence, the chances of darker complexion of burning and scaring are MUCH greater. You must discuss this serious side effect with your medical spa expert or your dermatologist.

Freedom from unwanted hair is very possible thanks to Laser Hair Removal methods. That said, Laser Hair Removal is a highly effective way of reducing hair, but like another other method it’s not 100 percent effective in permanently removing all unwanted hair. Some body parts such as the bikini area will require yearly Laser Hair Removal treatments to continuously reduce the hair mass and thin out hair re-growth.