Hot Shoe Fashions for Summer

High, tall, strappy and colorful are all appropriate descriptions of 2012’s summer shoe fashions. And that’s not all – glitters, metal toes, and natural colors are in the mix as well. Even clear shoes are showing off this summer.

Metal Toes – Not Just for Work Boots Anymore
In the old days, metal toes on shoes meant they were work shoes. But now the trend toward metal toes is not for protection from injury; it’s to add a metallic sparkle to ordinary shoes, especially high heels. And the look of metal toes varies quite a bit, from studded and chunky to thin and pointy.

Platforms (Remember Those?)
The platform is back this summer! From super-mega to more modest heights, the platform look is coming back in dress shoes. You will even see platform sandals this summer.

High Laces
High-laced sandals are in for 2012. Laces and straps that go all the way up over the ankles are the look for the season. Look for gladiator sandals and laced-up mini boots.

Wedge Heels
Wedge heels were popular in 2011, too, but they are back this year in more muted colors. Wedge-heeled sandals with buckles, ties, and straps are 2012’s version of the classic wedge.

Pastels and Bright Colors
There’s a general trend toward pastels in 2012 footwear, but there are some bright colors popping out in mini boots, high heels, and strappy sandals. Some bright blues, reds, and greens are peeking out. The majority of the shoes for 2012, though, are in more muted, pastel colors.

Lace is popping up everywhere in 2012, and shoes are no exception. Lace is acting as an overall covering or as an edging or accent. Black, white, pink, and beige are the usual colors where lace is involved.

Yes, clear shoes are trending this season, from high heels to sandals to flats. The clear look was introduced in force in 2011, but it’s catching on more in 2012. This summer’s clear shoes are not necessarily all clear; you’ll often find that just parts of the shoe or sandal are clear. The clear elements are mingled with stripes, straps, and dramatic heels.

Beach Shoes
On the beach this year, it’s back to flip-flops. All kinds of flip-flop colors are making their appearance. But flip-flops aren’t the only beach shoe trends in 2012. There are also athletic shoes made of netting for walks or runs along the beach. Traditional running and walking shoes are featuring net this year as well, allowing more breathability in an athletic shoe.