Money Saving Tips for Summer Travel

Looking for ways to save money during your travel this summer? In today’s economy, many people are looking to save wherever they can. The vacation budget might need to be tightened this year. If you are looking to save money on travel this summer, read on for some tips.

1. “Off” Times
Of course, traveling to destinations during the “off” season – such as going to the beach in September – can save a bundle. But there are other “off” times that you may not have thought of. For instance, avoiding travel during holiday weekends and planning your trip during a less popular time may save you quite a bit of money. Airfare and hotel costs tend to rise notably during holiday weekends.

Consider ditching the weekend idea altogether and plan a weekday trip instead. You are likely to find much cheaper hotel rates and airfare during the week.

2. Don’t Procrastinate
Planning ahead can make the difference between a very expensive venture and a much cheaper one. While it’s true that you can sometimes find great last-minute deals on airfare and such, chances are you’ll pay a lot more if you have to buy a ticket or book a room right away. If you plan ahead, you can refuse a deal that is too expensive…and you might find that the price will come down since you’re not desperate.

3. Out-of-the-Way Places
Avoiding tourist traps can help you save money on vacation. At tourist-intensive destinations, costs may be far higher as merchants raise prices on goods and services. You might be surprised to find how inexpensive a bed and breakfast is, for example, or a coastal cottage at a lesser-known beach.

4. Make and Bring Your Own Food
It’s understandable that one of the fun parts about a vacation is not having to cook. However, eating out costs a lot of money. A good, money-saving compromise is to bring your own food for the car trip, and make some of your own meals on site and go out for others. Making up a grocery list ahead is helpful; that way you’re not going to the store and buying on impulse. If you make a grocery list according to the meals you’ll be cooking, that will help save money and allow you to plan how much you’ll be spending on eating out. On a week’s vacation, for instance, you might go out for dinner 3 nights, out for lunch 3 times, and out for breakfast on the day you depart.

5. Package Deals
Looking for a deal where you can have everything paid for in one price bundle may save you a bundle! Some of these packages even include shuttle service from the airport to the place where you’re staying. An all-inclusive vacation may include meals, drinks, and even some activities. Do a little research and see if a package deal might work best for you.