Proactive Solution

When we first set foot in this world, our problems seem fairly simple. We’re not able to walk yet, feed ourselves or use the bathroom on our own. However, our parents take care of these things for us and always get stuck cleaning up our messes. It’s a pretty sweet deal. We eat, play and sleep whenever we want. I have to say it’s a lifestyle many would prefer to keep forever. Nevertheless, we grow and things change. Those problems we once new are now a thing of the past, and new problems have developed. One of the major ones being acne. This skin affliction hits most of us at the start of puberty. We often dread the sight of that first zit. Suddenly we’re interested in the best treatment for acne. Of course finding it is a whole other challenge.

Trial and error. This is the common method most of us use when searching for the best treatment for acne. The funny part is that it’s not as simple as asking your parent or best friend which product works best. Whether or not something works for them is not always relevant. There are several different skin types, and each of them call for different treatments. Find out what your specific skin type is. You’ll want to know this when searching for the best treatment for acne available. It will narrow your search quite a bit. So many people rave and jump up and down over the contemporary acne medication known as Proactive Solution. They claim it works miracles and that their skin is finally clear for the first time in years. Now, that’s all fine and good. I’m not saying it doesn’t work for them. But again, just because it works for them, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. I have a good friend, who tried this particular acne remedy, and it didn’t clear his skin at all. His acne actually seemed to worsen over the next six months. That would certainly make me search for a new product. Proactive Solution is not the best treatment for acne after all. Not for everyone.

Consult a professional. This can be your family physician, or maybe you want to get the best advice possible from reputable dermatologist. He/she can prescribe a medication to treat your specific skin condition. This may be the best treatment for acne available to you. There are also oral medications that only a professional can prescribe.