Solo Summer Camping

A Relaxing, Refreshing Experience

Summer time is one of the best times of the year to turn off the computer, step away from work and immerse yourself in nature for a few days. Going camping solo allows you to spend some time with yourself. It can be very centering and refreshing.

==> First Time Camping Solo?

If you’ve never gone camping solo before, it can be a slightly scary proposition. It can bring images of getting attacked by bears or getting lost in the woods.

The reality is, this kind of thing rarely happens. That’s why it makes the news. By and large, the “horror stories” you hear about just never happen.

That said, if you’re nervous, you can take a few safety precautions.

First, tell a friend when you expect to be back. If you don’t contact them within a certain time, they’ll know to be worried.

Carry a phone with you. If you’re not going too far off the beaten path, you should still be able to get reception.

Always carry a first aid kit in case you get injured. Make sure you have water purification pills just in case you run out of water while you’re out there.

If it’s your first time camping solo, take it slow. Don’t go off into the middle of nowhere. Keep your trip short and camp in places frequented by wilderness lovers. Don’t go to secluded locations until you’re comfortable camping on your own.

==> How to Make It an Unforgettable Experience

Bring some music with you. Walking around a forest with nobody around you while listening to your favorite music can be an incredible experience.

Bring a journal. At home, it can be very hard to set aside the time to properly journal. While you’re out in the wilderness, there’s nothing but time. It’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on your life.

Bring a camera. Take pictures of all the incredible things you’re witnessing and show them to friends when you get home.

Make friends while you’re out there. Other campers often have amazing stories to tell. People from all walks of life leave their usual selves behind to come and enjoy nature in the forest.

That said, still try to avoid bringing expensive cameras or music players that cost an arm and a leg. It’s rare, but it’s possible to get robbed by other campers.

If you want an adventure this summer, why not try camping on your own? It’s a fantastic way to recharge and reflect on your life. Step outside the box of being in a city and enjoy the refreshing sun. If there’s a lake near you, you can even enjoy a great swim in the middle of nature.