Summer Cooking Adventures for Couples

Want to spend some romantic time with your loved one this summer? Try planning a romantic cooking adventure for the both of you. It’ll allow you both to learn different kinds of cuisines, it’ll give you a project to work together on and it’ll be a lot of fun.

==> How Does It Work?

Pick a couple days a week to do it. For example, say you want to do it every Wednesday and Sunday night.

For that one night, you’ll learn how to cook one or two dishes from a specific kind of cuisine. For example, you might learn how to make sushi together. Or you’ll learn how to make Italian handmade pasta together.

The idea is to tackle a new kind of dish that neither of you know how to make and learn it together. It’ll be a night filled with food, laughter, the occasional (fun) mistake and romance.

==> Pick a Lead Each Night

Each night, there should be one lead chef and one sous chef. This creates a lot of interesting dynamics for a couple. One person is bossing the other around one day, then the tables turn the next.

It also helps keep things moving along. The lead chef is ultimately responsible for picking the recipes, choosing where to buy ingredients and for the taste of the food, even though the sous chef helps out every step of the way.

==> Take It a Step Further: Invite Other People

Once you’re both a bit more confident in your cooking skills, you can up the ante by inviting other people.

You can invite others to cook with you and turn the cooking nights into a small gathering. You could also try cooking for a larger group of friends. Between the two of you, this can be both extremely challenging and extremely rewarding.

==> Make a List of Dishes You’ve Always Loved

Make a list of the different dishes that you’ve both always loved but never thought you could learn how to cook.

For example, you may have always loved Mediterranean food. But the complexity of all the sauces, the wraps and the cooking methods may have lead you to believe that you’d never be able to cook those foods yourself.

This summer could be the perfect time to turn all of that around. Get together with your loved one and make a list of foods that you’d both love to learn how to cook. Then embark on the journey of learning how it’s done, together.

Doing this kind of cooking adventure together is a great way to build deeper connections, work on a project together and have great food. It doesn’t have to be expensive and you never have to leave your home town.