Swimming In Bills

Every day, individuals are faced with mounting debt that is gradually getting out of control. Once credit cards reach their limits, payments are late or interest skyrockets, it literally becomes a battle of sink or swim in the debt pool. Consumers often turn toward a debt consolidation loan if their current debt can be combined into a smaller monthly payment.

The most popular reason for a debt consolidation loan is to get rid of high interest credit cards. It is a well known fact that credit cards carry a much higher interest rate than secured loans, including home and auto. By paying only the minimum payment, it will typically take 15 to 30 years to pay off most credit card debts. The reason is because the majority of each month’s minimum payment is swallowed up by interest with very little, if any, money going toward the actual balance. By requesting a debt consolidation loan, many consumers qualify for a much lower interest rate and smaller monthly payments. As the years progress, this reduction can result in a substantial savings while helping the customer to save money every month.

The process by which an individual applies for a debt consolidation loan is very similar to any other type of loan. A typical application will ask for the applicant’s name, address, telephone, social security number and employment information. In most cases, the potential lender will request a copy of tax returns for the previous two years, current pay stubs and/or employment verification. In certain instances where the applicant has poor credit, the lender may require a co-signer or collateral before approving the loan.

With the continued growth of the internet, there is no shortage on potential lenders. A debt consolidation loan may be requested at a local bank or credit union, but may also be sought online. With such a broad range of options, consumers are better equipped to shop around for the most competitive interest rates and loan options. In many cases, an account holder will have success with his/her own bank as they have an established history with the organization. In other instances, a competing bank may be more willing to approve a debt consolidation loan in hopes of earning the applicant’s future business. For those who opt to seek a debt consolidation loan online, consumers are urged to proceed cautiously before providing their social security number on any application unless they are certain the lender is legitimate. One way to do that is to check out the company’s history with the local Better Business Bureau.

A debt consolidation loan is, in many cases, a way for individuals to regain control over their financial life and save some extra cash in the process.