The Increasing Popularity of the Aromatherapy Machine

If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your home and make it a place of relaxation and calm, an aromatherapy machine may be just the ticket. These machines can use scents and natural essences to turn a home into a wonderland of calmness and peace, something you may have tried to do in the past with limited results. By simply pressing a button, your room or home can become a tranquil place of rest, and allow you and your family to enjoy the delicate scents and the tremendous, much heralded benefits of aromatherapy.

Now wait, you might be saying, I don’t cotton with any of that silly Eastern philosophy. How is a simple smell going to give my family all of those benefits. And you wouldn’t be alone in your doubt. But aromatherapy goes beyond scented candles from the craft store. It uses essential oils to bring the very essence of nature into your home. Studies have proven that this sort of exposure to the right scents can make a world of difference in your home.

Recently, the University of Florida ran a study, taking fifty individuals from different walks of life and comparing their family and personal health situations on twenty five different criteria. Half of the group was exposed to aromatherapy on a daily basis, while the other half–the control group–was not. This was a half hour of aromatherapy a day, for a duration of three weeks. At the end of the time period, each of the groups were once again compared on the same criteria as before. Without exception, the twenty five people in the experimental quadrant experienced dramatic positive changes from the use of an aromatherapy machine.

Dr. Cal Hanson, who led the studies, had this to say about the results, “I was frankly amazed. While we had hypothesized there would be some level of benefit from the use of aromatherapy, we never dreamed the impact would be this profound. Anyone looking to improve their lives by a simple means of daily relaxation should consider aromatherapy as a necessary force in their routine.” Hanson is not alone in his praise of the power of aromatherapy. Doctors and scientists from around the world are beginning to see that aromatherapy is more of a practical pathway to relaxation than a passing Eastern fad.

Whether it’s to boost the level of communication at home, or simply to bring an atmosphere of relaxation to your family, aromatherapy should not be overlooked as a quick means to an end. It’s benefits are numerous, and, as more and more studies are being done, multiplying rapidly. It has even been said to aid children who have certain sensory impairments, such as ADHD.

While aromatherapy should not be taken as a substitute for medication, you might be surprised at the level of benefit you see from installing an aromatherapy machine in your home.