Trendy Summer Haircuts for Men and Women

This year, there seems to be a coming together of opposites in the world of hair styles. The simple, no-fuss look is trendy for women, but unusual, innovative styles are, too. There’s a world of revival going on, with new takes on flapper hair and 60s bouffant styles.

Men’s hairstyles are a bit slower to change, and that’s how it’s always been. But men’s hairstyle trends do change, usually rooted in a classic style that evolves over time.

Women’s Hairstyles in 2012
The wet look is in, but not just any wet look. Hair that looks wet and slicked back is the trend in 2012. Some styles call for slicked back and down in the back, while others terminate with a bun or braid. But the wet look in front is the same – clean and casual.

There’s an interesting return to the bobbed hair and finger waves of the flapper days. Styles featuring above-the-shoulder hair that’s evenly wavy are making an appearance this summer. It’s a more tousled version of the tight 20s look, and it’s not the shocking revolution it once was. But the bob has officially become timeless this year.

Other bobbed haircuts are coming back in 2012 versions, too, such as the “mod bob.” The mod bob features a tousled, almost messy look that’s full of volume. Rather than strict adherence to waves, the mod bob uses a clearly-visible bobby pin to create the wave away from the face.

Pile it up and pin it – if you have enough bobby pins! It can be surprisingly challenging to get your hair to look like you didn’t do anything with it; but if you can pull off this look, it will put you in the latest hair trends for 2012. Straight or curly hair can work with this style to produce a look of casual chic.

Another up-do that’s making a comeback is the 60s bouffant – or at least a modern version of it. Swept straight back, the hair in this style is twisted into what is basically two French twists. It’s an elegant look that will work well for summer nights out.

Men’s Hairstyles in 2012
Slicked-back is not just for women this year. Men’s hairstyles are trending toward this look as well, particularly accompanied by cropped or shaved sides.

Another slick, wet look for men is the parted-on-the-side style, a timeless look that gets a 2012 edge with a very flat look. The goal of this style is to have every hair lying down and very little lift or body.

But if you do want lift and body, those options are around for 2012, too. Piling all your hair forward into a thick front-heavy look is the main element of this style; everything else, such as length, curls, and so forth, are up to you. It’s definitely a relaxed style that evokes the British indie band scene.

Curly-haired men can rejoice in 2012, too. There are several trendy styles for the curly-locked this year. One trend is toward the quiff, a hair style that’s short and cropped on the sides, but wild and lifted on the top. Another is simply to grow it out into a mop-like style that has lots of body.