Acne: What It Is And How To Fight It

Acne is basically a blockage in the pore which causes bacteria to be trapped and form either a whitehead or a blackhead. While there are many myths that point to diet as a cause of acne, these are unfounded. Junk foods and chocolate are not associated with acne. The reason people get acne is because of overactive oil glands or blockage of pores. Acne is a condition that afflicts both children and adults. It is, however, more prevalent in teenagers when hormones are at their most active. Heredity also plays a large part in who gets acne and how severe it may be. Those who are genetically inclined to acne will often get more severe cases than people who are simply going through a stress induced or hormone induced acne phase. They also may have a more difficult time clearing up blemishes. The blemish that occurs on the skin can be unsightly and embarrassing so prevention and treatment should be the focus.

The best form of treatment for acne is prevention as it is with any affliction. You should try to keep your hands away from your face because dirt and oils can contaminate pores. Proper health is also important. This means proper diet, exercise and sleep to reduce stress. Keeping your face clean using mild soap is also a good preventative. If you have an outbreak, there are home remedies, over the counter medications and prescription medications that can help. There are several topical creams and soaps that are used in the treatment of acne. These can be found in pharmacies and in the cosmetics department of grocery stores. Benzoyl peroxide creams, vitamin A and zinc are all used to help treat acne. For more severe cases a prescription oral antibiotic may be prescribed along with a topical cream that is stronger than the over the counter medications.