Acne: You Can Fight Acne with Masks

You can fight acne not only with gel or special soaps, but also with natural masks. Masks made of products you easily may find in your kitchen and you easily can make, too. These ones are granted to work. These products have great qualities that are inherent in the most ordinary things that can make you beautiful, cleansing your skin and brightening your complexion.

The mask made of eggs is one of the most common and it is a good method for toning the skin, according to some experts. They say that eggs help tightening your skin, giving you a firmer face, less wrinkled and less prone to sagging.

To make an egg mask is something quite simple and fast that you can not even imagine. First, beat one egg white until it is stiff. After that you just smooth it over your entire face. Then, remove the mask, but after 20 minutes.

You can adjust the mask to your skin type. If your have oily skin, add lemon juice to the egg white (only one drop). And if you have dry skin, put a bit of honey to the egg white. Experts explain that the skin on the inside of the shell can actually work as an acne treatment. Just place the skin over the breakout and leave on for 30 minute or even overnight to help reduce the appearance of the acne.

It is recommended to apply facial masks once a week for best results. Remember rinsing your face first with warm water and then rinsing with cold (to close the pores) after you finish removing the mask.