Take Your Kids Museum Hopping This Summer

Taking your kids on a museum hopping trip is a great way to spend time with your children while broadening your kids’ horizons. Many museums are not only educational, but extremely fun for kids.

In any major city, whether it’s New York, London, San Francisco or Paris, there are going to be at least a handful of museums you can take your kids to. If you’re in a smaller town, you might have to take a road trip.

Here are some of the different kinds of adventures you might go on with your kids.

==> The Joys of the Science Museum

What’s amazing about science museums is how they take complex principles and turn them into fun adventures.

Instead of explaining sound waves in wave form, it’s explained in sand. Sound is blasted into the sand, which forms waves in real time.

Instead of explaining the theory behind lasers, museums get kids excited by letting them pop balloons with lasers or showing lasers burning through paper.

Science museums demonstrate important scientific concepts in a fun and interactive manner.

==> Art and History

Art and history museums can be a mixed bag for kids. Some kids love it while others hate it.

If your kids are younger, you might want to skip the art and history museums. If your kids are older and have an interest in art or history, these can be a great choice.

Along the same lines, if your child is older, you might consider taking him or her to a re-enactment if there is one nearby. A re-enactment is where a real historical scene is played out again by actors.

It helps bring a sense of reality to history.

==> Dinosaur Museums

Dinosaur museums are quite common. If your child has never seen a life-sized T-Rex or seen real dinosaur bones before, it can be a real treat.

==> Wax Museums

Wax museums aren’t really educational. They’re just extremely fun for kids to be around.

In a wax museum, you’ll find many wax statues of famous actors, musicians and political figures that look exactly like their real counterparts.

Your kids can take pictures with life-sized Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise replicas. Kids can get very excited.

These are some of the many different kinds of museums you can take your children to.

If you’re planning on visiting a lot of museums, it pays to figure out which are the free days. Often times it’s Sunday, but it could be different depending on what city you’re in.

Involve your children in the decision-making process. Take their wants and concerns into consideration and make the decision of where to go as a family.