Take Your Kids on a Farming Vacation

Want to have a blast this summer doing something a little different than the standard summer activities? Why not try taking your kids to a local farm?

There, your children can learn about agriculture, biology and chemistry in a real world setting. They can learn how fertilizers work, how plants grow and how their food is really made.

There will be all kinds of animals on the farm. There’ll usually be chicken and/or cows. In addition to the animals on the farm that are part of the business, many farmers also keep dogs and other pets around. It’s a fun environment for kids to make many animal friends.

Don’t think you near a farm? Think again. Even cities like New York or Boston have farms just a few dozen miles away. Think about it – big cities have to get their food from somewhere. Yes, a lot of food is imported or frozen. However, every city also needs a supply of fresh foods. Those come straight from a nearby farm.

==> A Few Different Kinds of Adventures to Choose From

Many farms will have one-day adventures you can go on. It might include a tour of the farm, a little bit of horseback riding, helping out with picking fruits and an authentic farmer’s meal at night.

If you want to get even more involved, you can stay on a farm for a longer period of time. Think of it like summer camp, except on a farm.

You and your child can stay at the farm for a week or two. You can play together, learn together, pick fruits together, play with animals together and eat together.

Some farms have very structured stay-in programs. This is particularly true of farms near big cities, where summer stays are a big attraction.

At smaller farms, you might just be helping out around the farm informally and just be a temporary member of the farm’s family.

==> How to Find Local Farms

One great resource to look at is wwoof.org. This site lists farms from all over the world where farmers post volunteer opportunities.

Some of these farms also have stay-in programs for kids and parents. Some don’t, so make sure you check the farm’s description carefully.

You can also just pop by your local farmer’s market or do a Google search for farms near your city. Make contact with the farmer(s) and inquire about a summer stay.

Some farms don’t charge for summer stays if you’re helping out. By and large, however, farms treat farm stays as an attraction of sorts and charge accordingly.

This kind of adventure isn’t for everyone. But if your children like the outdoors, like animals and like outside the box experiences, this could be the perfect experience for the whole family.